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The Tree House Project: Jennie Suddick @ Open Space Jun 13 2018

Wed. June 13th 2018 - Sat. July 28th 2018 Open Space 510 Fort Street
Free (All Ages) 12-5pm

Opening: Thursday 21st June 2018
7:00pm Thursday June 21

Finally: A chance to share all you learned dreaming up tree houses or building forts in the backyard as a child.

Toronto-based artist Jennie Suddick’s exhibition The Tree House Project envisions the tree house as both a personal space and a realm of the imagination, a lens through which to consider changing landscape, autonomy, and nostalgia.

During June of 2017, Suddick invited the Victoria community to share unrealized childhood plans for tree houses and other forts in a workshop held at Open Space. From the collaborative sketches assembled, she has created scale paper architectural models and detailed drawings that bring new life to these thwarted childhood ambitions. Many of the translated images and drawings are hybrids of the concepts shared by multiple participants. For Suddick, these hybrids “link common experiences or ideas in a tangible form.”

The Tree House Project is ongoing, expanding as visitors are encouraged to engage with it and contribute their own varied perspectives, stories, and ideas in the form of drawings shared with the exhibition.

Visit with the artist while she is in residency at Open Space from June 13-22 from 3-5 pm.

Please join us on Saturday, June 16 at 2:00 pm for an artist talk and tree model making workshop. The opening reception will be held at 7:00pm on Thursday June 21, in concert with MediaNet’s opening for Origins by Nicholas Vandergugten.
Presented by: Open Space

Friday Aug. 17th

Opening: Exhibition Opening & Reception: Friday, August 17

BOXCARSIX @ Xchanges gallery 2333 Government Street, Suite 6E upstairs Jul 2 2018

@  Xchanges gallery 2333 Government Street, Suite 6E upstairs
Show Runs: Monday Jul. 2nd until Sun. August 26th

Friday Aug. 17th

Opening: Opening and reception 7-9pm

BOXCARSIX Artist Collective--The View From Here: Mary Babineau, Fern Long, Joanne Hewko, Jenn Wilson @ Xchanges Gallery Aug 17 2018

Show Runs: Friday Aug. 17th until Sun. August 19th

Friday Aug. 24th

Opening: 7:00pm - 10:30pm

INTEGRATE ARTS FESTIVAL @ Integrate Headquarters, 1800 Store Street Aug 24 2018

@  Integrate Headquarters, 1800 Store Street
Show Runs: Friday Aug. 24th until Sun. August 26th

Friday Aug. 24th

Opening: 7 pm to 9 pm at 1800 Store Street

12th Annual Integrate Arts Festival @ 1800 Store Street Aug 24 2018

@  1800 Store Street
Show Runs: Friday Aug. 24th until Sun. August 26th

Saturday Aug. 25th

Opening: Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 25-26, 1:30 - 4:30

In Our Own Landscape: Andrew Niemann, Susan Corner @ Cedar Hill Main Gallery, 3220 Cedar Hill Road Aug 22 2018

@  Cedar Hill Main Gallery, 3220 Cedar Hill Road
Show Runs: Wednesday Aug. 22nd until Sun. September 16th

Saturday Aug. 25th

Calvin Hunt: Calvin Hunt @ Alcheringa Gallery Aug 25 2018

Show Runs: Saturday Aug. 25th until Sat. September 29th

Wednesday Aug. 29th

Opening: Wed Aug 29 5-7pm

Heather Midori Yamada presents "Orb" @ Gage Gallery Arts Collective Aug 28 2018

Show Runs: Tuesday Aug. 28th until Sat. September 8th

Friday Sep. 7th

Opening: 7pm - 9pm

Age of the Unseen World: Karina Kalvaitis @ arc.hive gallery Sep 8 2018

Show Runs: Saturday Sep. 8th until Sun. September 23rd

Thursday Dec. 6th

Griffin & Sabine @ Belfry Theatre Dec 4 2018

Show Runs: Tuesday Dec. 4th until Sun. December 23rd